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Seed and Soul

Seed & Soul 5% CBD Oil 10ml

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Our 5% broad spectrum CBD is the perfect entry product for you. Organically grown and produced in GMP certified facilities, this product is entirely THC free meaning you rest assured you are getting all the benefits this wonderful plant has to offer.

Each bottle contains 500mg of CBD rich hemp extract which is then placed in a medium chain triglyceride (derived from coconut oil) to ensure maximum bioavailability.


Dosage: 3 drops twice daily.

Adjust dose according to response. Max dose 24 drops daily.

Do not exceed recommended dose

1 drop =2.5mg.

Ingredients: CBD rich hemp extract, coconut oil derived mct.

All our products are within European Regulation, you cannot experience any psychoactive effects from this oil. 

Seed & Soul 5% CBD Oil 10ml

Seed & Soul 5% CBD Oil 10ml