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What is CBD / Cad é CBD

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

They belong to different species within the cannabis family. Marijuana has significant levels of THC, the controlled substance which is responsible for the intoxicating “high” that many people associate with cannabis. Hemp on the other hand has significant levels of cannabidiol(CBD), the compound that has been attributed with many wellness benefits with only trace levels of 0.2% THC or lower as per Irish law.

How do I know these products are safe?

We only work with suppliers that provide third party laboratory analysis on all of their products to ensure their safety and efficacy in line with Irish law.

What is “full spectrum” and the “entourage effect”?

Full spectrum products utilise the natural goodness of the entire hemp plant. There are over four hundred chemical compounds with the cannabis plant. These include various phytocannabinoids, so named for their ability to interact with our endocannabinoid system in the same way as our own endocannabinoids. When all the natural components of a full spectrum extract are taken, they interact with one another and the human body to produce a more profound effect than that which would be obtained by using any of the components in isolation. This synergistic effect of the various cannabinoids and terpenes working together to maintain the ideal equilibrium of the endocannabinoid system is known as the entourage effect.

What does the term “broad spectrum” mean?

Broad spectrum refers to products that have had THC removed in the final stages of the extraction process. The entourage effect is still achieved between the various terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids left in the final product, but for anyone who is worried about trace amounts of THC in full spectrum products e.g sports players, anyone requiring drug tests for work reasons, or if you are worried about being especially sensitive to the effects of THC, then broad spectrum is the ideal product for them.

Is CBD addictive?

No. CBD is neither addictive or intoxicating and will not get you high.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects from any of our products have not been reported to date. CBD is generally very well tolerated with the following side effects recorded in some studies at extremely high doses well above the daily recommended supplementary doses: somnolence(sleepiness), fatigue, diarrhoea, decreased appetite.

What dosage do I need?

The dose required varies from person to person and can be affected by someone’s age, metabolism, whether they are new to phytocannabinoids or the make up of their own endocannabinoid system. We recommend a tailored approach whereby you start at low end of the recommended dose and titrate up accordingly every three days if well tolerated until you find a dose that works for you. If you are new to phytocannabinoids we suggest increasing the titration interval to a week to allow your body to adjust.

What is the endocannabinoid system?

It is an internal homeostatic system present in all animals, that plays a critical role in the nervous system and regulates multiple physiological processes. In a nutshell it’s your regulating system. It keeps your mind and body in the optimal balanced and dynamic state needed to respond to the challenges of life in the best possible way. For more information on the ECS see our about section.

How do I take CBD?

For best results we recommend an oral tincture. Place the drops under your tongue and leave for at least sixty seconds before swallowing to allow maximum absorption. We also offer dosage forms in the form of capsules and topicals for those who prefer to obtain their CBD in that manner. If mixing in with food or drink we recommend using foods with a high fat content such as peanut butter to help make the CBD more soluble and as such more available for your body to absorb.

How should I store my CBD?

To maintain product stability and therefore conformity of each dose, we recommend storing in a cool and dark place, out of direct sunlight.